We offer professional business valuation services, both full valuations and shorter customized calculations, performed by our experienced CPA/ABV, ASA valuation specialist.


Construction Materialman
Sanford, Florida
Real Estate Holding Company
Federal Gift Tax Return

Clermont, Florida

Aircraft Material ManufacturerFair Value Purchase Price AllocationPhoenix, Arizona
Shareholder Dispute
Orlando, Florida
Internal Medicine
Melbourne, Florida
Grocery Store ChainFederal Gift Tax ReturnSeattle, Washington
Honey Producer Trade Name AcquisitionSebastopol, California
Industrial Chemicals WholesalerFederal Estate Tax ReturnLeesburg, Florida
Marine Equipment ManufacturerAcquisitionVero Beach, Florida
Site Development Engineering FirmShareholder Buy-InTampa, Florida
Author Royalty RightsFederal Estate Tax ReturnPhoenix, Arizona


Our full valuations comply with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, are comprehensive in nature, and are planned to withstand trial scrutiny.

Our shorter customized calculations are well suited for setting a business price, establishing buy in and buy out values for business partners and family business owners, and mediating disputes. 

Unlike other valuation practitioners, our services are regulated by the Florida Board of Accountancy as well as national accrediting bodies, giving the client a higher level of quality assurance.

According to the valuation standard of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Florida Board of Accountancy, there are two types of engagements to estimate value—a valuation engagement and a calculation engagement. The valuation engagement requires more procedures than does the calculation engagement. The valuation engagement results in a conclusion of value. The calculation engagement results in a calculated value. The type of engagement is established in the understanding with the client:

a. Valuation engagement—A valuation analyst performs a valuation engagement when (1) the engagement calls for the valuation analyst to estimate the value of a subject interest and (2) the valuation analyst estimates the value and is free to apply the valuation approaches and methods he or she deems appropriate in the circumstances. The valuation analyst expresses the results of the valuation as a conclusion of value; the conclusion may be either a single amount or a range. 

b. Calculation engagement—A valuation analyst performs a calculation engagement when (1) the valuation analyst and the client agree on the valuation approaches and methods the valuation analyst will use and the extent of procedures the valuation analyst will perform in the process of calculating the value of a subject interest (these procedures will be more limited than those of a valuation engagement) and (2) the valuation analyst calculates the value in compliance with the agreement. The valuation analyst expresses the results of these procedures as a  calculated value. The calculated value is expressed as a range or as a single amount. A calculation engagement does not include all of the procedures required for a valuation engagement.