• We are subject matter experts so we can very quickly size up your need and the solution.
  • No engagement is delegated to junior staff; rather you always get an experienced CPA appraiser working for your behalf.
  • Fixed valuation fees - agreed in advance and not dependent upon income level
  • You will understand the entire process: no surprises.
  • Tremendous industry coverage - very unlikely we have not valued your type of business

We are constantly training.

Our staff simply spends much more time in training and study than other valuation firms. Our professional library is extensive and constantly expanding.

Highlands Valuation LLC provides professional business valuation services for all types of business and industries.


We love business appraisal and solving valuation problems. So, taking our knowledge and skills to higher levels is not a chore, but an intellectual challenge. 



Highlands Valuation LLC

​First, our personal statement.  Unlike the typical CPA firm, our practice is exclusively business and intellectual property valuations.  We have performed valuations on a full-time basis for over a decade.  While other practitioners are dabblers in business valuation, we perform valuations day in, day out, everyday, and have developed a depth of knowledge in the field that few practitioners achieve.  After listening carefully to you, we will understand what you need and how you need it, presenting you with the various options our professional standards allow.  We are your local business appraisers, located right here in Lake County, Florida.