Recommended Appraisal Consultants 

Personal Property Appraisers:
     Curt Cordell, ASA, Cordelier Appraisals: antiques, mechanical amusements, vintage automobiles

     Steve Tatro, ASA, Valuation Resources, Inc:  medical equipment with sub specialties in plant machinery and equipment.

Real Property Appraisers

     Dan Peele, ASA, Central Florida Appraisal Consultants

Professional Bodies:
       American Institute of Certified Public Accountants       

       America Society of Appraisers                                  

       The Appraisal Foundation                                

Local Business Organizations:

          FitzGibbon Alexander Inc. Business Brokerage              

          The Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce   

          Small Business Development Center of Orlando                                                                    
          Christian Life Skills (for peaceful living)                                                                

           Jason Walker & Associates (Organizational Team-Building)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Community Affiliations:

        Crummer Graduate School of Business                               

          Orange Audubon Society                                                      

          Florida Native Plant Society                                                 
Useful Data:

          Internal Revenue Service                                                       

          Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta                                           
          US Department of Commerce                                               

          Bureau of Labor Statistics                                                      

          Small Business Administration                                               

Resources I trust and so can you.