"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

Warren Buffett 

​Valuation Engagements

Rigorous, comprehensive appraisals to withstand IRS and court scrutiny.

VALUATION SOLVES BUSINESS PROBLEMS - John A. Cento, Practitioner Member of the ASA

Our valuation firm is here to help you and your business. From any valuation needs you might have from tax planning to fair value determinations, we're here to solve your valuation decision.   


Our valuation analysts are board certified and stay current with continuous seminars to ensure we are up-to-date on all of the newest information, laws, regulations, and theory in our field.






Need assistance to make an intelligent decision?Whether it is deciding on a buy-out or buy-in offer or a fair value to settle a family conflict, we can help. We give you the objective and independent appraised value needed to make decisions and resolve conflicts.



Calculations of Value

Provide the snapshot of potential value you need for further decision-making. 

Valuation Consulting

We'll help you decide what to ask or bid for business interests so you do not reject a good offer, but also do not leave money on the table. 

Planning Your Business Exit

Do not procrastinate: we can help you prepare to monetize your business before circumstances leave you without good options.